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Parapateo is a 2009 founded, independent, with no commercial purposes, participative and investigative online platform, which will be expanded with sub-platforms concerning politics, economy, society and science in many languages.

The name Parapateo stands in the Greek tragedy for the moment of consciousness, when the protagonist realizes that everything he thought, is not true and he therefore put his entire world view into question which he has got to reconsider anew.

Parapateos objective is to create a portal for free information, real political participation, and independent evaluation of policy and economy for all and with all people together.

Parapateo is "imperfect and will never be accomplished"

The imperfection and viability Parapateos is its status quo. This is necessary that the network constantly changes and is accessible to improvements. Thus, its main parameters are defined: development and interaction. Just as freedom and truth are not absolute factors, Parapateo has got to adapt dynamically to the realities and to change, as not to solidify in its complexity, and not not to become dependent in its growing size. Parapateo will thus remain free and arise only with the help of all people and not from the initiative of a few. At the beginning Parapateo is like a single cell and each new member is another cell untill the formation of a complex body.

Parapateo is quality consciousness

Parapateo refers to a new level of enlightened consciousness of your own motivation and your own resources. Parapateo appeals to everybody to participate actively in the quality assurance, the research for truth; to contribute to the evaluation of information, and to show political responsibility regarding political, economic, and environmental issues. In Parapateo, relationships and responses are presented to urgent issues and by means of your own voice you can influence politics. Parapateo asks people to be informed, to trust your own perception, your own thinking, to give priority your own judgement, and to act on your own motivation.

Parapateo is qualitative, investigative information

Parapateo supports the position of a rational and "authentic" approach to the object of investigation: Each issue will be addressed unprejudiced and no political issue shall be rejected; Parapateo stigmatizes no issues. It mainly depends on the quality rating of information by the authors or the author, whether an article is published or not on Parapateo. On "Parapateo Encyclo-"and"Parapateo-Author" you can publish your research on topics wich are addressed inadequately, or which are completely hidden by the mainstream media.

Parapateo is the qualitative assessment of real policy

Parapateo wants to convert the gained consciousness by investigative information directly into action: Each man must become active for the maintenance and creation of his own civil-rights, to informe and to take political influence so that his interests are perceived. Real political systems, which presuppose the immaturity of their citizens, will be reevaluated on Parapateo for all people with real scope to policy and the economy: On "Parapateo-Politics' you can evaluate on executive actions, legislative proposals and juridical decisions. By the means of petitions, surveys and assessments you can take directly influence on political events. On Parapateo-Politics you can confront your Politicians with your own suggestions or corrections.

Parapateo is a virtual nation with real powers

On"Parapateo-Nation, the individual is part of the community of a virtual nation with real influence and with a real constitution created by its members: All members of this nation can take political influence anywhere in the world with the sum sum of its votes. "Parapateo-nation" itself has no other hierarchy, as the voice of the individual and the majority of votes for or against a law or a political project.

Parapateo is a memory for the budget of the State

On "Parapateo-Finance" the financial budget of a country and its expenditure, revenue and debt will be indicated in detail. On Parapateo-financeyou will be able to see, for what purposes your taxes are really spent. You can rate each expenditure of your tax-payer money.

Blue Label for Web, politics and economy

"Parapateo-label has as purpose to create with a seal of approval (the main creteria are social commitment and safety of private data) a conscience for the Internet, politics and economy.

  1. Red Parapateo: Pure commercial, susceptible for lobbying; They make money with your personal data!
  2. Yellow Parapateo: Private but social comitted; Attention is paid to data protection.
  3. Blue Parapateo: This platform is made for all people and your data is safe here.

The Internet belongs to its users: Mission possible

The Internet shall not only be used by everybody, but should be for the benefit of all people. Any commercial platform on the Web should therefore be created newly by its users, under the common agreement that it will never be again private property. A real free Internet is (still) possible; because many of you have the skills to transform formerly commercial platforms into new social platforms: Everyone can add his portal to the Parapateo Foundation for the benefit of all people. Parapateo will take no money or less of your members than the commercial offer. The money finances only projects that meet the basic values of the Parapateo community; thus the evolution of the Parapateo-project will be financed. For this complex task the potential of the Internet has got to be organized and has to focus as the open source movement on a common goal. Parapateo wants to invite the open source communities, the investigative users of the Web, as well as the social networking communities to participate at Parapateo in a concentrated and concerted aim for the creation of an independent, comprehensive, secure and high-quality user platform for the benefit and as free property of all people.

Parapateo shares no personal data with a third party

Your information is safe with Parapateo. Parapateo will at no time collect your personal data for commercial purposes or sell them somehow. The existing data shall not be disclosed to third parties outside of Parapateo. All fields are optional. All existing data in terms of membership are available to each user. All personal data of one user will be completely erased with the deletion of an account.

Parapateo takes a stand politically: without partiality!

Parapateo is neither right nor left, but stands for content that serve the majority of the people for good. Transparency rather than partisanship and secrecy.

Parapateo-Constitution: The fundamental human rights are inalienable!

The fundamental and inalienable rights of man, as they are reflected in the Bill of Rights, the first ten constitutional amendments of the Constitution of American States are, even in times of self-made terror immutable valid and for "Parapateo-Nation "an ethical role model.

Support quality, transparency and freedom for all people

All platforms and contents on Parapateo serve unanimous the idea to create and develop a free, responsible and participative society. Using evidence-based information all people shall be given the possibility to participate with their vote and their opinion in political, social and economic decisions that affect their everyday life. Parapateo wants to reinforce with all people together and for all people the values of freedom, justice, truth, quality and variety. Parapateo uses the obtained mental and financial capital from its projects only to build Parapateo and only to promote the above mentioned values. Parapateo shall not belong any individual or any minority of people. Parapateo supports 100% the development of values for which it stands: freedom, justice, truth, quality, diversity, education, transparency, responsibility and individual initiative. All information and data on earnings and expenditure in Parapateo shall be made public.

Parapateo should be for the benefit of all people who support the preservation of these values.

Parapateo is opposed to any collection of interest

Parapateo is against any form of propaganda, lobbying and political or economic interest receipt from a third party.

Parapateo is community

You can find on the Parapateo platforms articles, entries and software created by volunteers around the world collectively. Any Internet user can read and use Parapateo articles and media not only free of charge for non-commercial purposes, but can also edit articles if he has logged in. Parapateo shall be expanded by users qualitatively and quantitatively by consensus.

The software of Parapateo and all content shall be in the future provided to all people for non-commercial purposes. The platform and its contents should be copied in the future freely in their upgraded existing form.

All contents of Parapateo are published under free licenses - the article text under the GNU Free Documentation License, or under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License (CC-BY-SA). They can be used exclusively for non-commercial purposes. For images, there are different licenses - and they can be used, modified and distributed exclusively for non-commercial use.

Parapateo needs your help!

Only if we unite and work towards a commmon goal, we can succeed. Parapateo is based on the idea of a free, enlightened and participatory society. Only if many people share these fundamental values, the vision can bedome reality. We need support in all areas: You can and help us with your knowledge and create as an author articles; you can help in programming the platform or you can help us with your legal advice and advocate us. You can support us directly, too with a donation. You can contact us via the red button on the constant menu bar per email on the top of each page or by the pageContact.

Legal form

In the first time, Parapateo is operating exclusively as a private umbrella organization to guarantee a focused objective within a limited time period. The goal is to convert the Parapateo project from a certain size and reputation on, into a foundation for the benefit of all people. In many countries it is planned to found from Parapateo independent associations. They will work together with the German Parapateo association, which is in the foundation stage, for the care and maintenance of the website.

Currently Parapateo exists in English and German.

History and manifesto

The idea of establishing an enlightened and empowered society that takes the Internet as a direct tool to gain influence on politics, economy and society, went back to original plans in 1998, and won in 2008, a new importance in view of the events of September 11th, 2001:

"The generation before 911 is the people which lets represent itself in power issues by others and that paid for striving and interests of a small group of people - and which will pay all time paying for the old and new wars and for the present and coming financial crisis. A selection of representatives who only feels obligated to the interests of their own group is not a democracy for the good of the people. The consolidation of power by the people must adapt to the present and its possibilities.

With regard to the events of September 11th, 2001 in the U.S. and the closed disregard of facts and deliberate false information through the establishment media for the reason of economic and political beneficiaries by the the party systems of democratic governments of the world in solidarity with the United States everyone should recognize that propaganda influences massively our current everyday life and existed not only in the Third Reich. Our supposedly democratic societies in which a minority wants to push through their goals with "soft" methods against the majority which legitimacy it needs for permanent retention of power are establishing a total surveillance state by an invisible policy of "small steps to an irreversible bigger target. Thus dominated by business interests an interlinked oligarchic society is created, in which representatives are consciously and in consent with the privatized media, feeding and sacrificing "their" people for their goals. In regard on this fact, which we may perhaps ignore by the lack of disinformation or by fear, but their victims is each one of us later than, when he has given by the created fear concerning his safety, his entire identity to the state. Every person is confronted with the question why he doesn't research the important questions and when he will conduct his own assurance of quality of information, instead of leaving his or her future, and that of their children to the group interests of the party and economic alliances; as he might criticize the media and politics but yet he or she does nothing for his own enlightenment. The right and good, we can not let it be done for us, because it is not done for us for good. We must first define truth and freedom and then we have got to act to preserve and to develop hard earned freedom through the human history.

The current technology of the internet which is available for a wide part of the population should belong to all its users and shall not be dominated by selfish goals of the private sector or any groups of interest of politics and economy. This would be not only the death of the Internet as a free medium, but would also give away a single, great opportunity, to support and to demand the freedom and personal responsibility of all people - because in the presence only the technology of the Internet offers the opportunity to be the voice of a self-determined and free humanity."

Changing consciousness: Generation 911! "We can not allow in any case that the Internet is experiencing exactly the same consumer-oriented and controlled, total monitored structure as the existing democracies. We take in this sense great responsibility: We must stop our consumption and self-stylization in the Web 2.0 - and have got to act, by creating a Web 3.0, which should belong only to all users and not any more to global private companies!"

Enlightenment 3.0 "It's time to start with an Enlightment 3.0 (according to the aspirations of the Renaissance and the achievements of the 18th century) version of the Internet, a counter-proposal for the from the private sector started only commercial 3.0 version: The internet of the responsible for the freedom and justice in the world struggling people. The people shall be mentors to each other, to learn, and not they shall not draw their identity from exercising power nor from material ownership.

We have to concentrate all our power to preserve the freedom of the Internet and to set the level of quality of information as high as we can: To do so the Internet must belong to all the network users. For that goal all its actual private surfaces, which are used frequently by users shall be created by them for their mutual benefit. Already existing quality of this kind shall be made identifieable for the Internet User with a label: Parapateo - freedom and quality for all people!

3.0enlightment can only work if all work, develop and defend together the basic values of humanity. Only our number and the quality of our contributions can guarantee, that the diversity of opinion is no longer supressed by the means of propaganda and ignored or that important articles and reviews are excluded from being published. We must expose the existing propaganda! With this in mind, each user of the Internet should participate in this joint effort.

Parapateo endorses the idea of the Wiki community - whose programming platform, Mediawiki is being used here - that information and Internet services shall belong to all users, because they are created by them and for them - and because free knowledge as the sum creates freedom. But Parapateo goes a step further by not only creating free universal knowledge, but because it appeals all people to participate their political environment calls: being critical with information and thus become politically active; not to become patronized by the media, but to to strive for cultural ideals of the human-moral and to defend, protect and renew them. Parapateo shall become a mutual conscience and consciousness of the world, which reminds people of their ethical moral responsibility towards other people and future generations and warns by providing information and examples of history against the folly of human bias."

Democracy in the interests of the people does not exist anywhere in the world!

"Policy is made in the interests of rulers and their beneficiaries, the party systems. The main beneficiaries are always those with the greatest influence as well as those that promote the influence of the powerful. A nonpartisan system will hold the people in any given political form, always dependent from information to promote economic objectives which cost are paid by the people. Political systems, which are leading wars of aggression alone by economic considerations; exercising terror on its own people to legitimate these wars; installing draconian measures for the total surveillance of citizens; not imposing regulations for those who caused the financial crisis; wiping out the middle class economically; installing the European Union as a state independent, non-electable economic dictatorship, from which there is no escape, do not deserve to be called democracies!

We have no choice to be political: either the Internet regulates the policy or the policy regulates the Internet.

"Let us all work together on something which non concentrated individuals can not do all alone; let us begin with an enlightment 3.0 on the fundamentals of today's technology: The basis for the generation 3.0; the generation of the responsible for freedom and justice in the world struggling man. Let us all work together to ensure that this nascent society will be different from the past and their hierarchically limited ideologies of the past by creating a society which has the equivalent dynamic structure and interconnectedness of the Internet.

We need hundreds of millions of people who are working for a revolution of consciousness and for the values of humanity in the world. It is necessary that we focus all our energy for the purpose of a new consciousness of responsibility and of society, and not to scatter it; the time range for the freedom of society is becoming smaller and smaller. Parapateo wants to offer you one of those focused and concerted sources of information, communication and participation."

Manifesto Parapateo foundation, 1998-2009


The members and users of Parapateo have a lot of freedom, if the following principles that are considered immutable and can not be changed after discussions, are respected: <reference> Constitution </ ref>

  • To promote and maintain the basic values of a "qualitative society":
  Parapateo wants to preserve and support the values of freedom, justice, truth, quality, 
  diversity, education,transparency, initiative, responsibility and creativity with
  all the people together and for all people.
  • For the benefit of all people and the individual:
  The sole purpose of all platforms and content of Parapateo is the creation and development
  of a free, responsible and participative society.
  • The quality and the good for the majority of people:
  Parapateo is defined by the qualitative benefits for the large majority of
  Humanity: What are the best conditions that the people get along best with each other and 
  live a quality life?
  Parapateos standards should be qualitative values, to promote a qualitative
  • Maximum quality and width of information:
  By means of facts and based on the logic Intelligence analysis, all people should have 
  the possibility to inform themselves comprehensively, coherently and in depth on political, 
  social and economic issues. All used sources shall made available in its entirety.
  • Promote responsibility and participation:
  Every individual should have the opportunity to participate in all political, economic and  
  social decisions that affect him directly or indirectly, with their opinion or vote.
  • Serving the human-being:
  Parapateo is a service for the benefit of all people who support the promotion of these 
  • Preservation of the environment for posterity:
  Parapateo recognizes the human environment, not as his property, but as something that
  must be maintained in its quality for the offspring.
  • Parapateo is incorruptible and serves no hidden purposes:
  Parapateo is against any form of propaganda, lobbying, economic and
  political advocacy.
  • Transparency:
  Economic and editorial decisions of Parapateo must always kept transparent and visible to   
  everyone. All sources of Information should always be reported; unless persons and their   
  lifes are at risk.
  • Respect for human dignity:
  Man is the likeness of man; People should treat each other in the same
  respectful way in which they want to be treated themselves. Basis for this is
  the rule "Assume good intentions of other people." See also the
  Constitution of Parapateo
  • Capital gain only for the development of the core values:
  Parapateo is using the gain of intellecutal and material capital only for the promotion and 
  preservation of the above named basic values.

The principles „basic values of a qualitative society“, „For the good of all and the individual“, „Promote responsibility and participation“, „Serving the human being“, „Preservation of the environment for posterity“, define the substantive orientation of Parapateo. At Parapateo people with different political, religious and ideological background can participate. Parapateo excludes non person on account of his opinions. To prevent or to resolve inevitably emerging conflicts, Parapateo represents the policy of the majorative voting procedure(EBM,elected by majority), if the decision is not contrary to the principles of Parapateo.

The authors of a variety of content, no matter what platform of Parapateo, give further with the saving of their processing her consent, that their contribution under the GNU license for free non-commercial documentation (GFDL), and under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License (CC-BY-SA)will be published. These licenses allow others to change the content at will and to distribute it non-commercially, provided that the conditions of the licenses are maintained and the the content has got to be republished under the same license. By this so-called copyleft principle, it is impossible to use Parapateo articles and texts based on these, relying on the copyright, in any other way than for non-commercial use.

Organizational structure

The organizational structure is determined by informal organizational processes resulting in Social standards. Users can obtain a reputation by their contributions in the Community. In addition to the persuasiveness of arguments, the expertise and reputation in specific areas, but also by picking up contacts and forming informal groups the user can gain credit within the Parapateo-Encyclopedia-Community which plays a role for the acceptance of edits in the article namespace. Registered users who have already made a certain number of edits, have additional rights, the author community selects particularly dedicated users to administrators with elevated privileges, such as that they can block users who violate roughly or repeatedly against the rules. Most of the rules of the Parapateo portals result when participants pick up on a single proposal and apply it. If such a proposal is supported by a qualified majority of users, it is accepted and can become the rule. For controversial decisions traditionally a consensus is tried to be found. In practice, a genuine consensus among the large number of users is often not possible. In such cases, the decisions are made in procedures between discussion and vote.

An "Arbitration committee" should be responsible for a final arbitration in disputes. This arbitration comparable to a arbitration court should be established in each country.


Parapateo takes advantage of its economy, because the time frame for the development of the vidion is getting smaller, the probability for restrictions of the Internet is getting bigger and high-minded values are not financing the project. Parapateo is primarily funded by voluntary donations and membership fees. If the expenditure is not covered, Parapateo must use the economic potential of the website; this stands in no opposition to its core values, if they are met. Parapateo is different from all conventional commercial and non-commercial Internet services by the objectives contained.

Parapateo will be maintained not only by donations from individuals and member fees, but also by advertising - if not enough donation comes in, to operate. Parapateo has got to pay, about one third of the salaries for full-time staff or programmers, and the operation of the servers. The budget for the current fiscal year is not fixed yet.



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